Sunday, September 26, 2010

some guy wanted to kick my ass on st. pats day ... 2009

yeah right , as if.. total fucking neanderthal douchebags dong exist enough, this night is the only night of the year where they get drunk enough to get confused over their sexualities, every bar i went to at least 1 dude in a ed hardy shirt and a 15$ value brand new york yankee hat wanted to kick my ass or call me gay.

all i did was walk by and some cunt on the run says to my friend, i wish i was a fag, as we walked by, when i turned around and said, i can help you if you want he got a little confused, when i came back out for a smoke he was standing their with like 3 of his friends, and the guy walked into me like a dumbass, i didnt really care cause i was tired had a headache and dont know how to fight, boy i wish indy was there,

than marc was talking to these girls and the same group of mother fuckers were like trying to talk to these girls but the girls were all saying to us like "these assholes keep talking to us, they need to fuck off" but they still kept being dickheads.

i think these assholes need total fucking patroling because they dont see fit to modern society with their ancient ways of aggression release, i dont even know what i just said but fuck it.

if you work out or play foot ball or are fat but fight a lot chances are you will probably kick my ass, whatever dude. the day rolls over you're still pieces of shits.

i assume i would do the same thing too if i went to a bar drunk with a bunch of fat dickheads who couldn't get a girl to talk back to them for the life in them. maybe im the real alpha male because i can have a conversation with a girl you spent your entire life trying to get with, just by being myself ? i think for sure.

If i was a greek god id be alpha male, id love to have girls fan me with jungle branches and feed me grapes while i smokin' da erb and making love to beautiful womans. yeah dude, now that i think about it im a pretty nice guy that should have a pretty awesome girl that dresses awesome under my arm, with big frame glasses, bangs, and long sweater. than i'd get into less trouble from asshole dickheads who want to get some of this turkish deeeelight. just kidding, im not so full up on myself.

ladies within the week i will be posting an application that will request photos and stuff to apply for as my Wednesdays night date. of course no one will really fill out an application and i will look like a total loser, and no different than the douche bags that want to beat me up everywhere i go.

i'm no lover or fighter, perhaps a bit of a rock n roller. but non the less i can be a pretty cool accessory.

guys please don't threat me, i like to have good evenings

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