Sunday, September 26, 2010


Its almost like bad haircuts and pleather jackets define the youth of our generation. Running into your Friday night passion play at the std clinic is a good sign. however when she realizes you're a monday morning regular, you can kiss your shot of finding love in a strange place goodbye.

maybe its yesterdays news with todays gloss.

It's a game no one realizes they're playing.


I was about to kick some fucking ass when this bad boy cop officer stopped my hand from crushing some skull, some jock rock loving hillbilly from the mountain was like, yo you dress like my girlfriend, i simply replied, you're gay. he got all upset threw some limp bizkit lyrics my way as i flicked my cigarette at him
before i knew it he was all up in my face trying to like get angry and stuff i told him i knew karate and he should back the fuck off before i threw him into a mobile runner.

he went for a swing i dodged with ninja cat reflex i back elbowd him and he went doooooown.

cop was like im gonna let you peoples elbow him i said fuck you man im gonna do the sharp shooter on him.

he tapd out and now im the new champion.

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