Sunday, September 26, 2010

some guy said i looked like bon jovi

i told him bon jovi could suck my dick, he wasnt too happy and very studdled by the look on his face.

haloween is a time where girls feel accepted for being dressed as whores. some bitch sat on my table so i told her she was in my view.. she was ignoring me. when i tapped her and said tables arent for sitting she turned red and left the bar, her friend was an insecure cunt who kept telling the one nice girl with that awesome tats that we were liars... we were lying, but that doesnt mean we were gonna take her shit.

once i told her that her opinion would matter more to me after she lost 15 lbs she too turned red and left with her friend.

this soap i was my hands with smells amazing.

...anyways, if you choose to be a cum guzzling slut you should atleast give me some in and outs after i put you down.

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