Sunday, September 26, 2010

condoms on the dance floor

when those lights get dimmed and the light shows hit effect, its okay to see guys emptying their pockets to the ground, when im in area of effect it is a hometown advantage for me. those assholes try their best for pull me from my game. I'm just unnaturaly a better dancer.

of course i cant take every girl back home with me, i've only got so much jam. but for those 3-5 who are experimental and outgoing try your best. dont get your hopes up guys, girls hold on to your thoughts if you're slighty above a 9.5 chances are i might pay attention to you. dont ever get your hopes up dont be intimdated, its outdated.

who else can make john travlota look like an asshole on the dance floor.

play some good music dj.

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