Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hey are you not good looking enough to be a real model, but love cocaine and bulimia?
Have you had over 6 facial reconstruction operations but still dont gleam genic for the camera?

Don't get hung up there is hope for you yet.
Doctors claim that runways models are just as succesful as magazine dogs, if not more succesful.
Designers are looking for not very attractive facial featured models all the time, as long as you have some sort of a characteristic and look good in clothes (by being skinny and tall (like myself),

unfortunatly the problem with being a runway model is the famous catwalk, some people cant turn left while others can save the prime minister of malaysia with their good looks.

I am one of the best cat walkers in eastern canada, ive even travelled as far as to europe to teach run way modeling to even the clutsiest models.

My world famous stop and turn has made me millions of dollars, even covered in a local fashion magazine in Milan.

for the low price of 50$ a lessons 4 lessons a month 1 hour each lesson i can teach you how and what to strut when youre walking down that golden mile.

Remember not to look at cameras, you're better than those people filming you <3

Thats Perfect

but there is hope

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